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I just remebered live journal for some reason today, and came on and remeber my password and everything, not that anyone will ever read this, cause , well , no one does this anymore, but I remebered how fun it used to be.. So im going to.. I looove working for bob, My fuckin crew is great.. yea,
so its quit the challeng to go to school everyday.
specialy when you have to walk and candice took your disc man and said she would bring it back this morning. FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKK YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!
so i dont know what im going to do.. I cant walk to school with no muzzak its so far and long and boring.. so fuck fuck fuck! im actaully really pissed cause i DONT want to skip school, and now, now weLL im practiacally forced to.
so i guess i just wait untill lunch... cause theres no way im walking all that way with no tunes..
FUCK i just kneeeeeew she was going to do this too, but I guess if I never lost my bus pass I wouldnt e walking to school in the first place so maybe its all my fault and its just comming back to kick me right in the ass hole. well damn, i sure learned my lesson. make sure i always have all my stuff, but i guess its all apart of being careless. im soooo careless. its not a good quality to have, like when i lose my stuff im like fuck!!!!!!! for like a minute, then i mlike ahh well it'll turn up, cause i figure, what did i do do deserve this? It'll come back! and sometimes it does... but usually not. so i know my disc man will come back but thats like an everyday thing that i need you know? cause i have to walk everywhere... and big deal she had to sit on the us for like minutes to get home. FUUUUCK! so to conclude this entry, the rest of my day will go better so im not that mad i guess i could always hop on my gravy train to grant park and get it.. ok. thanks for listening.. peace kids!
HOLLY, I WAS soo tired tonight then i got home.. and i was like wide awake. and all i wanted to do all niught was come ome and go to bed.
i had a wonderful night though. yea it was good. im tired though do im goin gto bed
ahh dudes i got the bouket at a wedding!!HOLY.it was ,,embaressing..
yesterday me tara and jamie went to polo park it was fun.
today jamie went to charlies. I hope that was fun.
and today me and tara went to selkirk.
tomorrow my planz are going to the mall with Tara and JAYMAY but i didnt ask yet and mowing the grass.
and the next day hopefully me Tara and Jamie go to selkirk.
ok Jame? cause you come weaather you like it or not. kay? cool!
anyways i burnt my tounge on hot chocolate and its uncomfortable..
so im gonna go to bed since my tum tum is hurting from hot chocolate. night guys peace and love! ex oh ex.
this weekend was nice. i got PI all over. and missys leaving today.
i had a chicken burger for diner and a popsicle for an after diner snack.
it was pink.
i saw bench warmers and that was an AWESOME movie lol! well I gotta go but
see you guys around! bye cool guys!
so i feel awesome im not mad anymore and just relaxed and thats exactly what i needed. im going to the mall to get new shoes and a bathing suuit then im gonna help baba out with some stuff.! well i gotta go but hmmmm.. im stress free and i never EVER realized how bad stress sucks before! :S . anyways bye guys.

im all in line.
I fuckin hate guilty concience.
but I love that im going back soon.
well Im off to work. its gonna be a loooong ass day. set up was ok. I got a crazy sun burn
I dnot know// but I cant wait till calgary! me and missy got a bunk house togethar.. so im pretty pumped about that.. but i should go catch my bus. BYE GUYS! see you at the ex if you go. and i still have mono.. :S
Missy's in town.
I went to pick her up this morning
Some girl i used to be super tight with was sposed to come but I didnt go get her cause
I felt like she only wanted to come to see missy.
cause like i always call her and i always talk to her on msn and
once we even made plans but she broke them.
so i dont seem to impotant to that boring cat, only these days
shes trying to grow up. but im too childish. i mean.. i wanted to go out
past 10:45.. :O! what ever, im sick of putting effort into someone who doesnt give a shit
she wasnts to see missy. she can call her or find her somehow.
Im out of that situation.. we're like barley friends anymore
and thats not an accident if she really wanted to be my friend and chill
she totally would. so thats upsetting. but i see now. I have other friends anyways,
so go have fun doing what you were born to do. i love you. and maybe we'll see each other around. .. you little miss are immature for not just telling me im too childish for you.

Anyways. i really like this tune. *how do we sleep while our beds are burning*
it reminds me of saved by the bell for some reason. maybe they played it on the show once
OOOOOOOMGGGGGGGG cassie came over last night and played my guitar and sang to me and it was sooo beautiful and nice and OMG ! I JUST LOVVVVVED IT, shes way better in person then the cd. She had so much feeeeeeeling in the song when she was singing it, her face was like soo into it. and i loved everyminute of it! :) .. well thats about it.. that just made like my whole summer. lol .

I went to Jamies last night. and i went to her window. and she came out and we smoked and it was nice at least SOME ONE wants to see me even though im sick.. i love you jamie. i love you like SOO FUCKING MUCH!

Baba called me to day to ask how i was feeling and stuff.. thanks baba.

well thats about it, but guys.
yea the Pryde was really fun I really liked Ala too they were pretty good.
my throat got even worse so i wont being seeing anyone for a good week, i have to stay in the house. in bed. its soo stupid cause everytime i comeout of my room my dads like TORI! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?! and im like getting some water... and hes like "GET BACK IN YOUR ROOM!!" and im like.. BUt my water. and he's like " I'LL GET IT FOR YOU! I DONT WANT TO GET SICK, YOUR VERY CONTAGOUSE!" and im just like.. man thats bull. the doctor said only if i kiss share drinks smokes suckers or like anything wiht my mouth and hes like NOOO thats soo contageouse. .. I personally think its an excuse to keep me in my room. anywyas.. so he went and got me my water and some cue cumbers and stuck his arm in between my door on my tv stand.. like he wouldnt even come all the way in.
So before that I went to taras Babas. and she wouldnt even come out side! She had to talk to my through the door and shes like.. sorry i dont want to get sick.. and im like oh. then when she went and got my back pack i had to like stand back. and Patti talked to me through the door to when i went there.. soooo apparently no one wants to come near me anymore. and i dont want to stay in bed and in my room. but i guess i have to since i wanna start working soon so maybe i should get better. but this is the first time i've been out out of my room ina long time. AND I CAN BREATH!!! its soo hot and boxed in, in there.. Anyways so im SOO hungry andi have this left over junior chicken burger in my purse from yesterday.. but im too scared to eat it cuase its old. :( thats about it.. BYE GUYS!
Fuck you suck,
Every single time you suck!
My dads such a bitch.
I HATE it when he wakes me up at 6:30 cause its not healthy to sleep in till 12, which i dont even. but then im up and theres NOTHING to do!.
He always wakes me up with bad news. to purposly ruin my day.
Yesterday was ok, woke up late. cleaned. watched Donnie Darko, went out with jamie to lukes and cam ryley and niko were there, cam left right away though. and then we met charlie and adam. Then we walked jamie home, and i walked home and luke walked home then watched x-men.
Im like SOOO frustrated right now. EVERY since I got home I just want to cry. what ever, If he keeps being an ass, im just going to be a big bitch and not listen to anythign he has to say. and piss him off just as mich as he pisses me off. theres no reason for him to be such a dank. like i did the cat yesterdya and hes like well did you get the matt off her back ? and im like no I couldnt its too thick, we're gonna have to take her in, and hes like YOUR JUST A LAZY ASSHOLE! BLHA BLAH BLAH! I've learned to dround him out some of the time, i find it pisses him off more when ilet him know im not listening to a word hes saying so i plugged my ears this morning. and he came and ripped my blankies off and took my ears off my head and called me a stupid fuck. i really wanna bite somthing REALLY HARD! Because really I never get to say what i want back to him cause im too scared to lip off, yea theres the ocasional time where i just dont care and i like tell him to fuck off. but i sure do pay for it... hes just an ol' bitch. I HATE bitches..
I cant sleep soooooooo bad, its so bunk, everynight now. I have ltos todo tomorrow. I NEEEEEED ajob.once i get one im fine. i gotta call back salis tomorrow and find out.
Im doing really good. No problems with my dad.
I NEED to go to Dakota for next year, but my dad wont let me cause he thinks its a bad school. MAYBE nelson mac if there semesters. i just need a semmester system so i can graduate next year, I went to "Kristinas" today for dinner. it was good, got chicken fingers and fries. but i unnno.
Im soooooo excited for friday and saturday!! :)! buta .. today was super cool, mowed the lawn, got a new zit and went to sizzling wok for lunch! :) well night guys!
um. Niko just ended his friendship with me?
Im sick of that.
I love everyone.
and Everyones my friend.
except niko apparently. I dont know if it was a joke or not.
but it was mean.
I have a tummy ache I bareley ate anything yesterday. I miss school. i miss the old days. anything to do with right now PREEEEEEEEETTTY much sucks. I dont see how its all MY fault but maybe im just being weird and im to fucking retarded to notice. You blow assssss.

Not much to say, this weekend was aiigh Stans was fucking AWEOSOME AND I LOOOOOVVE LOVE LOVEEEE ALEX GARCIA LOL. but ah yea, thats about it. bye.
im Currently at Taras babas. Taras at school, Baba went took great Baba and the doggies to see patti, mothers day was yesterday aND patti didnt wanna see me after i called, i went there dropped off a card, but the TV was more important. but I'll think twice. ,,YOU TRY TO DO SOMTHIGN NICE FOR SOMEONE. anyways. thats about it,. and i love my baba soom uch! :)
im going to thunderbay June 4th... i dont think im comming back.
Im being suchhhhhhhhh a fuck up man.
I hope I can be forgiven, Im not usually like this.
really i am NOT!
Step dad really sucks right now
i love you mommy.
real dad is sorta floating around with no
clue of what im doing.
cause im fucked.
how can i even be happy at a time like this.?!
Man. I woke up at like 3:30 today. well at like 9 but I like cleaned like mad then did laundry then fell back asleep like alll day. it was crazy pretty good week, went by fast. I NEED a job. i absolutly LOVE Arthur. YEEE MY DADDY IS GOING SHOPPING . :) man im super tired. so im going to go shower. yesterday was fun too IM INLOVE with out dance this year man. its SOO fun! :) AND OUR COSTUMES! they are soo nice! :)lol anywyas thats it for now later love love love